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Quality and Competence

We are the first ARAB LAW FIRM IN ITALY with direct contact's in the ARAB WORLD.

Our aim is to ensure remarkable and complete legal protection for our private and commercial clients in Italy and worlwide. 

Our approach towards finding solution for the diverse legal matters is honesty, respect, efficiency and confidentiality.

Our expertise is to face the most challenging legal issues in the international commercial/business and contract law, investments for the clients from the Arab World countries, assistance to accidents victims, immigrationa law, visa process etc. 

Our specialized and qualified legal assistance and consultancy is provided in Italian, English, Arabic and French.

Expertise in Italy

Medical liability
Road accidents
Accident at work
Immigration law
Residence permit

International Expertise

Appeals to the European Court of Justice
Appeals to the European Ombudsman
International Law
International Commercial law
International contracts
Corporate / Business law
Immigration law

Legal assistance and cosultancy Online

Legal assistance and consultancy ONLINE via phone, Skype, mail, forum Badrane, field meetings