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Expertise in Italy

Legal Protection in Italy 

(Italian, English, Arabic and French)

Civil Law

International Business Law

International Contract Law 

Immigration Law 

Activities in civil law matters

  • Road accidents: Claims for damages to persons and property deriving from road accidents in Italy and abroad
  • Labor law
  1. Recovery of the non-payment of salary and the Severance Indemnity (TFR).
  2. Procedure for obtaining the pension for the years of work carried out in Italy.
  • Succession / legacy
  • Immigration Law: the regularization of the residence permit, asylum for foreign citizens.
  • Family law

Activities in business law matters 

  • Debt collection in Italy and abroad starting if necessary, the relative legal proceedings
  • Advice for the drafting of international business contacts in Arabic, French and English
  • Legal advice and assistance to Italian companies wishing to operate in Morocco and Arab World countries (Italian, English, Arabic and French)
  • Legal advice and assistance to those foreign companies wishing to invest in Italy (Italian, Arabic, French, English)

Activities in criminal law matters

Legal protection in field of criminal law and criminal procedure law

Activities in immigration law matters

  • Residence permit / card (application, renewals)
  • Family reunification
  • Flows Decrees / amnesty
  • Visa process 
  • Italian citizenship
  • International/humanitarian protection


The Italian citizenship is based on the principle of descent meaning Italian citizen is the child born to an Italian father and / or mother.

Foreign nationals, however, may obtain the citizenship where:

  • Residence in Italy (art. 9, Law 5 February 1992, n. 91 and subsequent amendments and additions)
  • Marriage to an Italian citizen (art. 5, dated 5 February 1992, n. 91 and subsequent amendments and additions).

INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM BADRANE provides legal protection in English, Arabic and French to foreign nationals who have the aim to obtain Italian citizenship. Thus, providing the necessary support with the documentation and in its compilation. Moreover, it provides legal assistance to those who have already submitted the application for citizenship for over two years and wish to speed up the process of obtaining the Italian citizenship, without waiting for too many years from the request. We offer on line multilingual assistance, procedure of Italian citizenship by birth / descent (Iure Sanguinis), by marriage or residence.