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International Expertise

International Expertise 

  • Appeals to the European Court of Justice
  • Appeals to the European Ombudsman
  • International Law
  • International Commercial law
  • International contracts
  • Corporate / Business law
  • Immigration law

Legal Protection in Arab World

Activities in the international business /corporate and international contracts law matters

  • International trade
  • International contract law
  • Debt recovery in Italy and abroad starting if necessary, the relative legal proceedings
  • International business contacts in Arabic, French and English
  • Legal assistance and consultancy to foreign companies, potential investors in Italy (Italian, Arabic, French, English)
  • Legal assistance and consultancy to Italian companies wishing to operate abroad with emphasis on the Arab world (Italian, Arabic, French, English)

Legal protection in Morocco

Activities in the commercial law matters

  • Corporate law
  • Debt recovery
  • Civil, Criminal Litigation
  • Intellectual property law
  • Trademark and patent registration
  • Customs Law
  • Commercial, tax and legal information
  • Search for Local business partners
  • Legal assistance
  • Start-Up company in Morocco

In special cases, there is the possibility of offering bureaucratic assistance through a direct accompaniment in Morocco for the relocation of a business.

Activities in the corporate law matters 

Commercial companies in Morocco are divided into:

  • Partnership: General partnership, Limited partnership, Limited participation;
  • Limited company: public limited company, limited liability company, a company limited by shares;
  • Special Statute Company: Investment company, Purchasing cooperatives, Consumer cooperatives, mutual societies.


The enterprises whose investment program is of some importance because of its value or the number of staff employed, under Article 17 of the Framework Law no. 1895 which forms the Charte de l'investissement, can benefit from specific advantages in the framework of the contracts to be stipulated with the State.

The beneficiaries of these incentives are the companies that:

  • Invest an amount equal to or greater than 200 million Dhiram;
  • Create a number of fixed employees equal to or greater than 250;
  • Established in one of the provinces or prefectures of the decree n. ° 298
  • 520 of 30 June 1998;
  • Ensure a technology transfer; contribute to environmental protection.


Total relief applies to the following taxes and fees:

  • Import tax levy: excludes imported equipment and materials;
  • VAT: excludes equipment and materials purchased locally or imported;
  • Tax licenses: excludes natural or legal persons carrying out an industrial, commercial or professional activity in Morocco;
  • Urban tax: they exclude new construction or renovation of existing ones;
  • Corporation tax or general tax on income: Export companies are excluded for the first 5 years.

In order to avoid duplication of taxation it has been signed with a bilateral agreement between Italy and Morocco, of the Convention of 7 June 1972, as supplemented by "Protocol ADDITIONNEL", implemented in Italy by Law n. ° 504 of 5 August 1981.

Activities in the family law matters

Documentation to be presented for marriage and divorce under the Moroccan family Law

International Law Firm BADRANE  provides legal advice and assistance on site for marriage and divorce procedures in Morocco. In particular:

  • Prepare the necessary documents for marriage in Italy and in Morocco (needed in case of mixed marriage), both with the Italian authorities, and Moroccan.
  • Book an appointment at the Italian Consulate in Casablanca or Rabat for the certificate of matrimonial capacity needed to marriage.
  • To present a request to the Moroccan Court for authorization to marriage.
  • Arrange with the Notary, on-site, marriage certificate, inserting more appropriate CLAUSES (including any annexed to the original marriage to better specify any system of division of property between spouses).
  • Proceed with the translation and legalization of the document to ensure its transcription at the Italian Consulate in Morocco.
  • Assistance in the application for entry Visa for family reasons to the spouse of an Italian citizen.

We provide with the above procedure, with on-site assistance and guarantee an extraordinary efficiency in carrying out the whole procedure within 5 working days (usually it takes at least 2/3 weeks).

In case of a mixed marriage between an Italian / Moroccan - Moroccan / Italian applies under the law 218/95 the connecting factor of the spouses' citizenship.


International Law Firm BADRANE  may seek recognition and enforcement of Italian verdicts of conviction in Morocco and vice versa. In addition to the execution of the injunctions for payment. Thus, present civil or criminal proceedings before a Moroccan judge.