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The INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM BADRANE, established in Bassano del Grappa 2010 by the Abogado Kaoutar Badrane (Bar Vicenza), prominently providing legal protection in various areas of law in Italy and worldwide. Known as the first Arab Law Firm with developed network of Attorneys and collaborators in diverse Arab countries, each of them characterized by specific competence in his own area of expertise.

International Law Firm Badrane assists italian and foreign commercial and private clients by delivering integrated legal solutions connected with civil, business/corporate, international, international business/corporate and contract law, immigration law. 

Due to a special collaboration with the main Moroccan Bar, the INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM BADRANE created a network in major cities across the country. Moreover, competence and efficiency had influence on the establishment of direct contacts with the Moroccan Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Moroccans living abroad (MRE), besides the Moroccan diplomatic authorities in Italy (Embassy and Consulates). 

Today, INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM BADRANE tends to become broader by developing a lease network  of trusted and highly experienced experts in Italy and worldwide. Thus, the overall aim is to provide more efficient and complete legal protection on diverse legal matters in competence of the Abogado Kaoutar Badrane and her collaborators. Remarkable results come from the assistance at 360 degrees, with on-site legal, cultural and linguistic assistance and guarantee an extraordinary efficiency in carrying out diverse legal matters procedures.

The focus is on the Italian and foreign companies with goal to act internationally, in particular Arab World countries. To become part of the worldwide economy brings a comprehensive range of possibilities and risks. International Law Firm Badrane has competence and commitment to help you overcome all legal challenges.

We believe in the professional ethics and integrity. Our efforts are directed towards complete and competent legal protection. 

From the outset the focus was to provide legal protection in Arabic, French, Italian and English.

Our team of experts

International Law Firm Badrane is truly international

Abogado Badrane Kaoutar
Bar Vicenza

L'Abogado Kaoutar Badrane, of Moroccan origin, in Italy since 1988, concluded her studies in Law, majoring in European and Transnational Law at the University of Trento, with a thesis on the Moroccan legislation on family law. 

In 2010 established INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM BADRANE, prominently providing legal protection in various areas of law with the main focus on immigration law.

Abogado Badrane  has substantial experience of a wide range in civil, international and commercial law. She has particular expertise in the family and immigration, international commercial and contract law including appeals to the European Court of Justice and European Ombudusman. Abogado Badrane has a thorough background in disputes that involve Italian citizens abroad, immigration law and Italian citizenship, and road accidents to foreigners living in Italy (in Arabic, English and French). Furthermore, Abogado Badrane with her team advises private and commercial clients, potential investors from the Arab World in Italy and vice versa. 

L'Abogado Badrane is the author of the book: "The Family Code in Morocco", published by the University Library, as a legal guide in which she explains what will change with the new reform, commenting, and translating into Italian, for the first time over 400 articles of "Moudawwana to Usra"- Moroccan Family Law. 
Specialized in International Contract Law. 

Member of the Forum of Lawyers with Moroccan origin aboroad by the Ministry in Charge of Moroccans Living Abroad and Migration Affairs . 

Attorney Mohamed Abdel Fattah
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Attorney Mohamed Abdel Fattah is specialise in the international commercial and contract law. He advises on a wide range of commercial matters in Saudi Arabia. With international and domestic experience he has been active collaborator of the INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM BADRANE for over 2 years. 

Iraqi Bar 

More than ten years of legal experience in Iraq, and has been mainly focusing on civil and commercial, national and international corporate legal matters.

Attorney ABDALZIZ HILAL MOHAMMED ALAARAJI has also an in-depth knowledge in litigation across the different national courts.

Attorney Bilel Mechri 

Attorney Bilel Mechri is specialized in the national civil and commercial law. He has experience on the wide range of the international legal matters, such as international business and corporate law. 

Attorney Wattfaa Fawzi Madllah
Iraqi Bar 

Attorney Wattfaa Fawzi Madllah is specialized in the national and international commercial law and is further active in the field of international commercial litigation. She gained a remarkable experience in the civil law matters.